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Power in action


Project duration: 01.05.2022 – 31.12.2023
Project budget: 60 000 EUR
Co-funded by The European Union, Small-scale partnerships in adult education, ERASMUS+


The “Power in Action” project is implemented by the Polish LIS Foundation and the Spanish INNETICA association as a partnership.

Both organizations have many years of experience in educating and activating senior residents. However, the experience of the two institutions is  different and provide an interesting complement. The LIS Foundation activates the oldest villages and small towns residents, by  the ideas based on self-help and participation (seniors to seniors). In turn, INNETICA implements the idea in a different way by ​​lifelong education which includes  seniors in international projects and implements  a regional senior policy.

Thanks to the close cooperation, the partners were able to learn and test new methods of working with seniors and to expand their offer with the innovative solutions.

The project was divided into 3 stages:

  1. The exchange of experiences and mutual learning of partner organizations:

 a group of educators and seniors cooperating with INNETICA went on a week-long study visit in Poland, learning about the methods and systems of work at the LIS Foundation. Then there was a return visit during which Polish educators and seniors explored how to activate seniors in Spain.

  1. The implementation and testing of acquired solutions:

the seniors participating in mobilities, together with the teams of both partners, created the list of good practices regarding the activation of the seniors, taking into account the new, innovative solutions learned in Poland and Spain.

  1. Developing a list of good practices and disseminating the effects of the project:

the international team of both partners has developed the list of 10 good practices about methods and tools for activating and educating seniors. The summary of work is this publication, which aims to disseminate access to the social innovations and the proven methods of activating seniors.

More information about the project:

  1. Agenda of the kick-off meeting
  2. Agenda of the study tour in Poland
  3. Agenda of the study tour in Spain
  4. Summary of the project – presentation
  5. The list of good practices
  6. The project’s photo gallery
  7. The project’s videos